🐛 India's Whatsapp Ban

PLUS: Trump indicted for 30+ counts of fraud

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  • 🌟Nita Ambani’s star-studded NMACC debut

  • 🚨 WhatsApp bans people, people ban TikTok

  • 👔 Trump indicted for 30+ counts of business fraud


*Stock data as of market close. Source.

Markets: Despite the stock market remaining relatively flat in March, 200 smallcap stocks reportedly took tumbles of up to 41% in recent sessions. Analysts project that Nifty could swim up to 17,450–17,550 but could also be susceptible to a downtrend if it drops below 17,200.


BoM launches first startup-focused branch in Pune

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💣️ This bank for startups is BoM. Bank of Maharashtra (BoM), one of India's largest public sector banks, has opened its first-ever dedicated branch for startups in Pune. Here’s more:

  • The shiny new financial unit aims to provide customized banking solutions to startups and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to fuel their growth.

  • The branch also plans to collaborate with incubators, accelerators, and venture capitalists to provide startups with a strong financial ecosystem for growth.

The new branch is expected to play a crucial role in boosting Pune's startup ecosystem and supporting the Indian government's vision of creating a more self-reliant and innovative India.


SEBI slaps Rs. 90 lahk fine and 2-yr ban on 3 insider traders

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📈 Meet the latest additions to SEBI’s hit list. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has banned three individuals from the securities market for two painful years, and here’s why:

  • The case involves allegations of insider trading by the three individuals, who traded in Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) shares based on unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI). Pro tip: SEBI doesn’t like it when people do this.

  • Upon discovery, Bijal Shah, Gopal Ritolia, and Jatin Chawla were already rolling in significant profits from their trades, which summed up to over Rs 10 crore.

Slap on the wrist. As a result, SEBI imposed a hefty fine of Rs 90 lakh ($120,000), which the violators are expected to pay within 45 days.

Yes, this cancels out their profits and more, which is why individuals and entities are reminded to abide by regulations to avoid taxing penalties and being called out by charming business newsletters.


Nita Ambani's new cultural center in Mumbai sees star-studded inauguration

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🌟 Didn’t Nita Ambani just launch a women’s social platform a month ago?

And now, the newly inaugurated Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) in Mumbai is set to become India's largest cultural hub, with a vision to promote the country’s diverse cultural heritage to the world. Here’s what you need to know:

A hub for Indian arts and culture. The NMACC will house a range of facilities, including art houses, grand theatres, performance spaces, and a lotus-themed display complex.

A star-studded event. As a true socialite’s destination, the 2-day inauguration event last weekend saw popular faces in Bollywood as well as appearances from their LA counterparts in the form of Penelope Cruz, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, Tom Holland, Christian Louboutin, Jeff Koons, and Nick Jonas, among others.

To a rich cultural heritage

The NMACC is widely seen not just a cultural center, but a tribute to India's rich cultural heritage. The center will feature exhibits and installations showcasing the country's diverse history, traditions, and art forms, from ancient times to modern-day.


  • ⛽️ India pumps brakes on gas and diesel exports. The Indian government is extending restrictions on petrol and diesel exports till the end of the financial year. One of the reasons being: It’s harvest time and local fuel demand in on the rise.

  • ⬇️ Biggest hits in valuation. Ouch. Today’s biggest mark downs in valuations were felt by the big guns, namely, BYJU (50% To $11.5B) and Swiggy (25% To $8B).

  • 💵 Dream 11 launches its own UPI payment app. Catching wind with PhonePe and Google Pay, Dream11 is stepping up to plate with the launch of their new payments app, DreamX, which is supported by UPI and the Bharat Bill Payment System.


Catch up on the Indian funding flows from the past 24hrs:

  • Kikibix, the Indian D2C snacking startup, just raised a sweet $300K from unicorn startup founders to take the world by storm with their tasty treats.

  • Atica, the Indian fintech startup, just got some serious (and undisclosed) seed money from Titan Capital to help them enhance their tech and product offerings.


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🚨 WhatsApp on a user banning spree. The messaging giant reportedly banned over 4.5 million accounts in February alone, in an effort to clamp down on spam, fake news, and other sketchy activities on the platform.

📱 NATO joins TikTok BAN-wagon. NATO is showing TikTok the boot, as the military alliance has officially banned the popular social media app from government-issued devices, citing concerns over security and potential malicious activity.

👔 Trump accused for 30+ counts of fraud. Legal troubles are brewing for former US President Donald Trump, as a New York grand jury has voted to indict him for over 30 counts of business fraud.

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